Friday, 9 December 2011

Shoe Lust!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I thought I'd make a little collection blog and decided on a shoe collection. I adore, adore, adore shoes ... but I don't have a massive selection as I usually buy my flats in neutral colours that go with everything or black heels that will dress up every outfit. The place I visit most for shoes is New Look, but Linzi Shoes, SoYouShoes and Boohoo do a great range of shoes! Obviously, like every girl, I would love to shop at Kurt Geiger, Jimmy Choo, etc or even Topshop, but I don't have the means sadly.

So, here's the extent of my shoe collection:

Not that much, I know, so I'll do the flats first:

What more shoe range is better known than Converse. The epitome of America's recreational activity that have managed to become a favourite of everyone across the world. I got these babies for £15 from a shoe shop that was going bust - bargain! I was so happy to find these when I was going through my "don't-know-what-she-likes" stage when you can't make your mind up what kind of clothes you like. Yes, they are scruffy, but I believe that it's obligatory for bases to look worn and well-loved. I would have liked the white pair, but I saw these and just fell in love. And believe me, these have been worn to death and I match them with everything from coral cardigans to blue t-shirts. They're just the perfect shoes for going shopping; they're sturdy and have a thick sole, but they pinch my pinky-toes like hell! But despite that, I love them and wear them incessantly.

Rawr! I love these loafers. Usually I steer clear from ostentatious choices in clothes, but having seen these in River Island, Topshop and Forever21, I had to have them! And their gorg! I've worn them with black skinny jeans and black shorts with tights and they're great for days when you want to jazz up a boring outfit. But prepare for a world of pain for the first few wears. I would advise breaking them in for a couple of days before you attempt to walk outside with them, unless you like the look of blisters! But a stunning, quirky pair of shoes.

My New Look brogues are a neutral colour and I wear them with most everything. Feet-loving, functional and fashionable, I have worn them more times than I can count. They look great with skinnies as well as boot-cut (my preferred jean) due to the pointed toe and great if want a pair of flats that will go with everything.

These Vans are years old (probably about 3 and a half) and I haven't worn them for the longest time, but I just can't throw them away. They were a purchase when I thought I was so cool and preferred "grungier" clothes. The little pink intricate design around the back is really cute and gives them a feminine twist.

My navy heels from New Look were the first pair of heels I ever purchased and I can't throw them away even though I don't wear a lot of navy. They're peep-toe and have a patent finish with a pretty bow making them girly. These were in stock during the sailor/navy trend and were really just for practicing how to walk in heels. And yet I still can't walk in them without stumbling a little! Cringe!

My favourite boots that I've owned. Bought three years ago, these are a regular piece in my autumn/winter wardrobe and bought for £20 in a New Look sale, these have lasted me ages during the harshest weather. I typically wear them with leggings and my mac coat which is the style I normally wear most during winter, but you can match with anything that you wish. I cannot say anything bad about these beauties and pray that these last for a couple more years, but I think that's a bit delusional ...

Those peep-toe tan boots were bought for only one outfit, but again, I like them too much to part with them. They're lace-up with a side zip and reminiscent of the military trend that it still common this year. They have no platform and so bad for walking, but both cute and edgy. I had to add talcum powder into them because they're a tight squeeze, but I paid £14.99 for them from Internacionale and I'm not throwing them away. If anyone can tell me more ways to wear them, please let me know! It would be much appreciated.

 My black platforms are from Deichman and bought for £12.99 in a quick dash for a pair of shoes. And how glad I am that I found them. They're matte and so make for a more demure finish than patent heels - which will be my next guilty purchase! They're my go-to shoes for most going-out outfits and the buckle means that you'll feel more secure in them than ordinary platform that you can feel a bit wobbly in - or is that just me? Not comfortable, not sensible, but beautiful!

The white heels are from Primark and for the life of me, I can't remember the price. I bought them a year ago for only one outfit (a red '50s inspired dress from and found nothing special in them but the fact that they're quite cute. But they make your feet quite sweaty - not a good feeling nor look! But they were lovely with the dress. Not a wowza investment! 

The silver and black sandals are so similar that I've combined them. From the photos, they appear quite tacky and cheap, but once on the feet they look lovely. Both are from New Look and around the £20 mark. I wore them during a cruise holiday and they went with everything except that aforementioned red dress. They're a hassle to put on and very flimsy with a zip up the back ... And don't spend too long in these - the ankle-straps bites into your skin and leaves a painful indent, so be careful of these bad boys!

So there you have it. Hope that entertained you somewhat and gave you more insight in my style!

Rebecca xx


  1. You have such a great collection!

  2. Cute shoes! I love those navy ones but I'm obsessed with all things Nautical. I bet they look great with dark denim or a nice wide leg pant. :)

  3. Thanks. I'll try that actually :D xx