Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Haul

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone had a marvellous Christmas and having a good New Year.

I know have been MIA over the last week or so ... just because I have been shopping, visiting family, etc. And I have the added pressure of studying for my prelims in February! And I realise how late this blog post is, but I thought I would just upload something fun and not too much hassle.

I would like to say that in no way am I bragging. I had a small list for Christmas, but my parents being the kind of parents they are choose to spoil me and my sister and that's why I have the presents that I have. I know that some families only buy for those in their immediate family (and there is nothing wrong with doing that) but in our family we buy for everyone, so that's why there quite a lot of pressies. I won't put all of them down because I don't want to be "showing off" and, whilst in the process of writing this I realised I don't know where I've put some of this! Also I'm planning on doing a nail polish collection so I won't show you them just now! I will add some of the things I got when I went Christmas shopping, but don't get me started on the sales. Never will I go again! I found nothing on sale that appeared to be a good buy. In my opinion, it's all the summer stuff they put on their sale stands and so I only found one bargain in Topman and Primark! But let's not worry about that! We'll get onto the haul just now!

My iPod Nano broke a few months back - well the wheel in the middle won't respond, so my parents brought this for me and it's a spectacular 160Gb worth of music. I'm pretty sure I won't use all the memory, but I love it. I have always liked the classic iPods and was shocked to find this in amongst my presents, but not disappointed!

At the moment, I'm really into the quilted print, probably set off by the jackets coming into style. I know some people are iffy about the Chanel-esque bags but I personally love them and seeing that I needed a new black bag after mine is beginning to tear apart, I received this. It's big enough for everything I carry and I love it. 

This is actually a present I wanted. I had seen a lot of the gurus on YouTube with the larger Casio watches and after a browse through ASOS, I saw the mini version and instantly fell in love with the purple-faced one and here it is!

This brown handbag was from my Auntie and Uncle from her shop. It's what I've been looking for for months but couldn't find one worth the price given to it, so my Auntie gave me this and it's amazing - goes with most outfits and fits everything I need.

Another gift from my Auntie's shop and a fashionable alternative for a hat and those who can't deal with "hat hair" is a knitted headband.

These are just so twenties that I fell in love with them straight away. Fingerless for ease but warm enough against the winter weather. But these again are from my Auntie's shop and I'm not sure what label they are.

I also got, but have placed them away, black patent quilted wellies and to match, a black quilted purse which is just gorgeous! I got pieces of jewellery too but they are in a different bag, as well as a onesie (!) and my Nivea moisturisers which are in the bathroom, but I am thankful for everything I got and the time I spent with my family.

Then in the sales, I went into Primark and found nothing under the £5 mark that I wanted, so I got an oversized green-teal cardigan for £12 and a pair of black skinny jeans for £9. But in the jewellery section, I spotted two pairs of earrings. One black pair and one blue pair which are the kind of style of earrings I love and for under £5, you can't complain!

I know everyone has these with the saints on them, but I decided to get the picture one for £6. Nothing much to say but it fits well with the Casio.

And then in Topman I found a ring I couldn't find for months and then I spotted it and for £2, I couldn't say no! The only bag thing I can say about it is that I got it in a men's medium instead of a small so its a bit loose. I love it!

Oh - and I also got a new bronzer finally and it just had to be the Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer that everyone raves about it. I've only use it once but I have to say, it contours well and is a pretty colour.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year after a relaxing holiday!

Rebecca xx

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  1. Love your Casio, I've heard about it a lot on YouTube from Barbara from ThePersianbabe and Gracie from TheUglyFaceOfBeauty. I've done a blog post on the Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder if you are interested. :)