Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: Vo5 Gloss Me Smoothy Shampoo


When I first saw this advertised as having 'Adaptive Haircare Technology', I scoffed: it seemed ridiculous. But this shampoo has redeemed itself in my opinion. Vo5 describes this as having "extracts of Satin Silk and a subtle fruity fragrance with hints of jasmine and orange flower, this fabulous duo will unlock shine for a sleek and glossy transformation. Your hair will have no choice but to behave".

To me, it just smells like the clean smell of a shampoo, but it's not unpleasant. It is a smooth, white cream that requires a very, very wet head in order to get a good lather and sometimes it's a nightmare to get the shampoo from the bottle as it doesn't want to escape from its confines. But after all that, it does do what it claims to do. Having hair like hay (and yes, I mean hay) means that it's frizzy and unable to control when humidity gets its claws into it. I don't wear my hair down a lot, so anything frizz-freeing just makes it easier to smooth into a hair tie, but it has made my hair look a lot shinier and keeps it fresh in between every wash. So, if you've got hair that is frizzy, dull and unmanageable, try this!

Vo5 have other 'Adaptive Haircare Technology' ranges including 'Revive Me Daily', 'Plump Me Up' and 'Cherish My Colour'. All I haven't tried, but just a suggestion that you might like to take up. These are available at Boots and Superdrug, as well as online.

Rebecca xx

P.S. These are all my own opinions and Vo5 has not contacted me in anyway!

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