Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Review: Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara

Hey, there!

Christmas is upon is and I hope you're all not rushing around for presents and having a relaxing time before the excitement and rush begins. So with the approaching holiday, I thought I would review a mascara that would be perfect for party nights and it's the "Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara".

This appears to have gotten a bad name over the past few months. Some are claiming that the "growing" effect of this mascara isn't working and it is gloppy and a bit messy to use.

I disagree. I love this product. It gives longer, more voluminous eyelashes with the blackest of black colour. I didn't find it messy; it just needs a steady hand to guide the wand. From the first use, I noticed the difference in the size of my lashes and their fullness. I want to apologise for the lack of evidence, but the lighting at this time of year is terrible and my camera is not suitable for taking detailed images. Sorry, again!

Although, I have only been using this for a week or so, so haven't noticed a change in the condition of my lashes, which the mascara promises to do, but I'm hoping that will come with time. The brush is massive so I would not recommend this to those with small eyes, it would just create a mascara mess and we don't want that! I would be careful with the amount of product on the brush too as it can pack on (almost) too much product, making the lashes heavy and cumbersome to deal with. But, being £9.99, I was a little resistant to the mascara to begin with, but following these results, I love it!

In no way I am affiliated with Revlon and they have not sent me the product mentioned.

Merry Christmas,
Rebecca xx

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