Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lookey Likey

Hiya everyone!

I am so sorry for my lack of posts but I have had quite a hard week. Nothing is going well. I have slacked on my studying and just recently started again and you know that way when you're feeling wound up and stressed that you get overly emotional and frustrated, well that's been my week! My skin's also getting on my nerves as the cold weather has certainly kicked in and my freaking stupid combination sick has gone all dry and I have no time to go out and buy a moisturiser that will accommodate the changes, so I'm hacked off about that. But not to worry, because today I have decided to do a celebrity 'dress for less' once more.

I have decided on Kim Kardashian for this look. Yes, I know she is controversial, but you must admit, she carries clothes off pretty well (most of the time) and I wanted to do one of her more "casual" looks instead of her gorgeous gowns which are difficult to replicate. So here goes:

New Look Rib Collar Bomber Jacket (£17.50 in the sale)
New Look Regular Skinny Jean (£19.99) High Heel Peep Toe Shoe Boots (£26.00)

Warehouse Pushlock Bowling Bag (£24.00 in the ASOS sale)

ASOS Retro Sunglasses (£12.00)

New Look Grunge Chiffon Skull Print Scarf (£4.99)

Rebecca xx

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