Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Simple's Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream

Hello, everyone!

After a very stressful few months of tedious studying, I'm finally at a place where I can blog again! And I'm happy to do so; it's hard not to have an outlet during the study period. But, anyway, on with the review.

So the time came when my night moisturiser was done - there was no more I could scrape out of it. And so, beleaguered, I began the long, arduous hunt for a new one. It's my personal belief that shopping for skincare is our fate in regards to Karma. Nowadays there are so many products causing confusion, claiming different things, contradicting each other. And don't mention skincare advertising! They take their customers as fools by depicting images of youthful, un-lined, worry-free woman and it's just dishonest. Presently, I'm not at the age where I'm worrying about lines but I think there should be no poetic licensing when it comes to beauty. 

And so, with my rage burning, I slipped into Boots in search of a remedy for my nuisance skin. Having a disinclination to the smell of my previous moisturiser (review: Nivea Moisturiser) I decided that I would purchase one without a pungent aroma. And that came in the form of the titled Simple moisturiser.

Yes, it's good. Yes, it works. Yes, it doesn't smell. But I'm in the predicament that any moisturiser I use isn't strong enough to clear me of the dry spots around my hairline and mouth. But, I refuse to use stronger moisturisers as they only function to fuel the oil on the rest of my skin. Does anyone else have this problem? Because it's just so infuriating. It means that my foundation looks alright around my cheeks, nose and such like but then when it comes to my forehead it's just horrible. Every little imperfection and crease is seen and it just looks bumpy and as thought I've caked it on. 

Although, I'm sure the moisturiser would be competent if you had skin that behaved. I'm sorry to anyone who has this moisturiser and loves it, but we've all got different skin so that's why it makes a product impossible to please everyone. And this certainly hasn't overwhelmed me with brilliance. It's good. And that's about it!

So, thanks for listening to my little rant and rave. But, please, don't be scared to try this out as I perceive it only to my uncooperative skin that detests it. 

And, on another note, if anyone has any suggestions on what I could write could you possibly comment below. I'm having writer's block at the moment and have no inspiration to write. 

Rebecca xx

P.S. These are all my own opinions and I have neither been asked nor paid for my view. 

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