Friday, 27 April 2012

My Favorite YouTubers and an Apology

Hey, everyone!

First of all, I am so sorry for my lack of posts in the last ... um - I have no idea when my last post update was. And that admittance in itself is shocking enough. The reasons are I'm lazy (sorry) and EXAMS! The bain of everyone's life and there has to be mock exams! That's just mean. So in response to this, this post will be second last until the end of May or such. But after that I will endeavor to make more posts and keep up to date with the changing world of beauty and fashion!

So, onto the post about my favorite YouTubers. These people are the reason I started doing blogs. They are so informative and really helped me when I first started to delve into beauty and such like. I just thought if I could help one person like these YouTubers help hundreds of people, I would be ecstatic! 


I only recently began watching Gracie (before December) and instantly became obsessed with her unique sense of style and her humor. I think she's quite different from other beauty gurus and differs from the norm. She's not afraid to voice her opinions and despite the hateful and vile comments she receives on YouTube, she continues to make her videos and that is truly admirable. Oh, and if you get the chance, check out her sister's channel 'beautymusicfashionx'!


Otherwise known as Barbra, thePersianbabe is the guru I first watched regularly. Known for her talkative videos where she infamously "rambles" - her words not mine - she is truly honest and is never influenced by companies offering her samples and such. She has found a niche in her style, but some of the pieces she wears are stunning. Barbra is warm and friendly on the screen and gives great advice. She is consistent in her videos despite the fact she is at university. Great, relaxing videos that are definitely worth a watch. 


Fleur is so classy and honest. If I am ever in need of a review, her YouTube is often my first stop as they're always in-depth and completely honest. With soft make-up and light eyes, her tutorials are brilliant for school-day or those days when your skin is behaving. Her clothing is always pretty and girly in every way. She's just such a lovely person to watch. 

Pixiwoo and Pixi2woo

OK, OK, I know I have included a 2-in-1, but often they go hand in hand. Samantha and Nic Chapman are wonderful make-up artists and down-to-earth. They constantly upload and all their videos are fabulous and very instructive. That brings me on to Tanya's videos which are very interesting and enjoyable to watch. Through both their videos they give great advice to young lovers of beauty and budding make-up artists. If you're looking for tutorials both their YouTubes are a must. 


Her opening catchphrase, 'Hello, sprinkleorenos', always brings a smile to my face. Without the capacity to edit, her videos are always hilarious and often intermingled with clumsy accidents. Her reviews are fantastic and often in-depth. She varies her make-up collection between drugstore and high-end and it's always easy to find something you want in a haul or review. I cannot sit with a cup of tea to watch her videos because I end up tipping it down me in laughter, especially when coupled with Zoella. 


And onto Zoella who is fantastic to watch for easygoing hauls and reviews. Her tags are hilarious and her style advice is incredible. Hair that is always styled to perfection, it is enviable and gorgeous! Her lipstick collection is impressive and the little 'bloopers' at the end of her videos are always funny. 


Gemma is my holy grail for hair; her hair is fantastic and everything she uses is a must try. With a cute and girly style, she often makes brilliant Primark hauls that are so useful! Her Lookbooks are always incredibly detailed and always inspires me to create an outfit. 

I know that the gurus all have been British, but when I watch those from Europe, America, Australia, etc, I feel that when they haul of give advice, it isn't really productive due to the fact our shops are completely different. 

Thanks, Rebecca



  1. I love all of those youtubers.Great picks

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! :D

      Rebecca xx

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