Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday Wishlift

Hello, there!

So I just thought that after my admission of having no inspiration for writing that I would start the classic traditional of a wishlist every week but just to make sure it has a particular ring to it, I'll do it every Wednesday. Get it? Just something fun and easy and not too onerous to read. I only know, personally, that sometimes I really don't want to read screeds and screeds of blogposts however well they may be written. And so, without further ado, here's my Wednesday Wishlist. 

I have wanted this ring forever, but just never have the courage to wear it, but I see quite a lot of people with similar rings and they just look gorgeous. The foundation, everyone is speaking about, so I thought I might have a try at it. And the shoes. Well, I would personally never wear anything so vertiginous but Demi Lovato had them on during the American X Factor auditions and she looked fab! Way out of my price range unfortunately! And the bag, well I just love it and it's not too expensive for Zara. Possibly my next purchase.

So, again, thanks for reading, if you have! 

Rebecca xx

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