Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My 20l2 Wishlist

Hello, everybody!

As I didn't publish a Christmas wishlist, I thought I would make an attempt at a 2012 list to perk me up at the beginning of the study-heavy year.

1. Essie Fiji nail polish. This is such a dainty and feminine colour, and yet it still gives you that summer pop of colour that can instantly transform an outfit. I have heard great things about Essie, and hope that, if I do manage to gets my hands on this product, that it will suffice to its name.

2. China Glaze For Audrey nail polish. Yes, I know, everyone blogs, talks, raves about this product. But who can blame them? This is perfection in a bottle. Synonymous with Tiffany anyone? And what girl doesn't love a bit of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

3. Mac Pink Pigeon. Mac have recently revealed their Iris Apfel collection and all the products are based on s/s trends of this year, as well as having kooky bird names. This particular lipstick I saw in Missglamorazzi and Amarixe's haul on Youtube (I'll link down below)** and Amarixe was wearing this on her lips. It's such a fun, burst of colour. It's a bright, vivid colour perfect for summer days when you want to feel just a little more special.

4. Mac Flamingo. This, Missglamorazzi was wearing in the same video and I instantly fell in love with it. It's a 'my lips but better' kind of concoction. Slight peachy, but still nude enough for everyday. It's beautiful!

5. HD Brows Kit. Another blogger favourite and who I am not to jump on the band-wagon. Creating a flawless, but still believable eyebrow shape, it is perfect for those who prefer up-market brands and spend a lot of time investing in their eyebrows. I would love to get a try of this to see just what all the fuss is about - that's a perfectly liable excuse ... right?

6. Benefit They're Real mascara. Friends, bloggers and Youtubers alike have me craving for this product. It's supposed to be the perfect mascara for everything: lengthening, curling, volumizing, lifting and separates those lashes. I have always been dubious about these all-round mascara types, but being a Benefit product, maybe it just will succeed my expectations. A real lash girl, I have been eyeing this product for a while, but could never justify paying £19 for a mascara. But maybe someone will spoil me. Fingers crossed!

7. No, not an Audi - a car. Aah, wistful thinking. I'm hoping to learn to drive this year - fingers crossed and wouldn't it be wonderful if you could wake up on your 17th birthday, fully suited and booted and ready to drive in a flash car. Well, we can all dream!

So, why don't you tell me some of your most wanted products of this year; I'd love to hear from you!

Rebecca xx

**http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN49H5G2cqI - the aforementioned haul

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