Saturday, 14 January 2012

Elf Haulage

Hey, guys!

I hope you've had a good week and enjoying your weekend. I am attempting to blog more regularly as I know that the time when my exams begin that I have to begin a total lock down on my laptop!

I recently purchased some Elf products and I'm loving most of them. Cheap and skillfully crafted, these are great for beginners in make-up or those who, like myself, don't want to splurge out on Mac or Sigma brushes.

I used the stipple brush on evenings when I'm looking for a more polished look, but I just don't have time to use this in the morning. But it gives a lovely finish and feels soft and feathery against your skin, whilst working the foundation in properly. I love this buy!

This, I'm not so keen on. It picks up little product and seems much too small and feathery for a bronzing brush. Probably not worth the money paid. I wouldn't advise this product.

I am not so enamoured with this product. I have used it once so far, but felt that my eye shadows came off no matter what the product was under them. But then I found it worked fabulously; it must have been a rubbish eyeshadow that I used. It kept the eyeshadow on for a good nine hours and barely budged. A great primer for the thrifty among us!


This smells absolutely rotten, but accomplishes what it says on the bottle. It contains alcohol, so dries quickly in time for your next use. I love watching brushes as the make-up is removed from them and transfer onto the paper towel and this does it fast and well!

Rebecca xx

** I am no way affiliated with Elf, and have not been asked to promote these in any way.

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