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Spring/Summer 2012: Fashion

Hello, my fellow beauty lovers!

**I would like to apologise for my lack of posts during last month. Google decided to prevent me from viewing my blog dashboard and then wanted me to download Google Chrome. That didn't work for ages, but it is now, so I'll leave my rant for now! 

Colour is finally back in the world! Yes, that's right. As you go about your day-to-day life, you'll notice a subtle dispensing of colour in people's wardrobe and a whole revamp of many stores who have been hidden in a colour wheel that ranged from black to grey. That's because spring and summer are creeping closer and its time to throw on that bright pop of colour on your lips and inject versatility into your wardrobe!

Underwater World 

Florence Welch, in a shell, dressed in beads? Not at all conspicuous! After that Chanel performance, the underwater world trend was evident. With metallic shimmers, iridescent sequins and wave-like detailing it appears we've jumped back into the Disney's Little Mermaid. Intermingled with the twenties trend, it's time to shine and glitter in short and long hemlines! Try ASOS for a cheaper version of this fun trend. 




Bra/Crop Tops 

Not for the shy and conservative, this look needs attitude and lashings of it. It's fun, flirtatious and refreshing on a hot day. Each designer did their own versions of the trend with Emilio Pucci taking the a gothic, full-skirted route, whereas Nina Ricci did a patterned, simple look that was a combination of sixties and seventies. Dolce and Gabbana went sparkly and short for a more party-appropriate take on the crop top. But you can do it your own way. One way is to pair a small crop top (like those from Topshop and American Apparel) with a pair of very high high-waisted jeans. This looks gorgeous and for the self-conscious, only a little skin is visible. 

Emilio Pucci

Nina Ricci

Dolce and Gabbana 

Pastel Palette 

If it works on the nails, why not on clothes? This lovely, fresh, summery trend has been regarded as feminine and workable into an everyday wardrobe. Easily wearable and complementary to most skin tones, it is a trend that everyone can try. Coupled with lace at Erdem; ombred at Jonathan Saunders; used in conjunction with granny chic as Louis Vuitton. You'll find this at most stores wherever you are and adds a light touch to any outfit. 


Jonathan Saunders

Louis Vuitton

Print Mania 

In total contrast to the light pastel trend, bright prints makes a fashionable attack to the eyes this spring and summer. An array of prints have been seen from Preen to Emilio Pucci and everyone in between. They're fun, flirty and fabulous, so why not try out a couple of clashing prints and see what you think? Take heed from Miu Miu and Ted Baker and opt for some animal prints or seaside scenes to really make a statement! 


Diana von Furstenberg

Emilio Pucci

A Twenties Frenzy

With drop waists and beading, it wasn't hard to see the affects of the new rendition of 'The Great Gatsby' set to be released this December and the newly found interest in Sherlock Holmes. Cloche hats, masculine tailoring and loose-fitting is a brilliant revival of this pretty trend that is accessible to the girly and the boyish. If you're nervous about your hips, drop waists tend to draw the eye to them, but if you have a boyish figure, then this is perfect for you. But don't be afraid to emphasise your best assets! If you're not looking for full-frontal twenties, then try accessorising with fur, hats and gorgeous jewellery. These can all be found at charity/thrift stores, Topshop and ASOS. 

Emporio Armani

Alberta Ferretti

Ralph Lauren

Pretty Peplums 

This trend moves in and out of the radar constantly and it usually flattering for most figures. But be careful if you're self-conscious about your waist as it will naturally direct all attention to that spot. If you're more liable to opt for a conservative hemline, this might just be your subtle injection of quirkiness. From Christian Dior to Jason Wu, it was done in innovative and pretty ways that can be worn for a night out or possibly for the office - if you're feeling daring! It can be found in stores like Primark, ASOS and stores like Dorothy Perkins if you're interested. 

Christian Dior

Giorgio Armani

Jason Wu

So, my lovely readers, here are just some of the trends you can rock during the spring and summer of 2012. Hope you've been having a great month and I promise to try and update more regularly!

Rebecca xx

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